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Rachael Riley  Ruth Rulland

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Rachel Riley Ruth Rulland Vera Woods


Rachel Riley (born 1941) was born at a place called Killik - which is about 70 miles west of Anaktuvuk Pass. Her father was the very first postmaster of Anaktuvuk Pass, when the community was incorporated in 1949. She has lived in Anaktuvuk since then. She is a skilled hunter, and Inupiat language teaher at Nunamiut School in Anaktuvuk Pass. She is a big advocate of trying to preserve the language and culture of the people of Anaktuvuk Pass.
Ruth Rulland (born 1938) is affectionately known as grandma to all in the community and the first thing you'll notice about her is her face-wide beautiful smile and her infectious giggles. She has lived all her life in Anaktuvuk Pass.
Vera Kalik Woods (born ??) is curator of Simon Paneak memorial Museum in Anaktuvuk Pass. .


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